Sicit is attentive to all the new needs of the automotive aftermarket both for the entire cardan transmission and for its components, whether they are crosses, centre bearings, flanges, yokes or sliding elements. For industrial applications, such as transmissions for heavy industry, we are able to produce complete cardan shafts or market leaders’ components.



We like saying that Sicit’s cardan transmission are the best expression of Made in Italy, after that introduced by Girolamo Cardano, the inventor of the cardan joint.



What is our strength? Our fast response, which is essential in international after-market contexts. Sicit has an impressive warehouse, both in terms of quantity and value, comprising thousands of codes for all the parts that make up the universal joint transmission. This enables us to respond quickly to all our customers’ needs, for products in stock as well as for those to be produced or assembled.

Sicit, the reliable partner in the field of mechanical transmissions

For 60 years Sicit has been the trusted partner in the field of cardan mechanical transmissions, for both complete transmissions and specific components.

Our applications range from the automotive sector, commercial and industrial vehicles, to heavy industry.


Did you know that most of the vehicles and machinery around us move thanks to a cardan shaft?

CARDANWORKS is the division of Sicit that specifically focuses on cardan transmissions, where you can find everything you need for this purpose.

No cardan shaft is the same as another. There are cardan shafts for the transmission of motion in vehicles, paper machines, test benches, pumps and rolling mills, and this list could be endless. Their applications range from the automotive world, such as commercial and industrial vehicles, to heavy duty industry, but also aeronautics…


New EAC Certification

Sicit announces to all its customers in the Eurasia Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Armenia) that on 22 September 2020 we obtained the EAC certification for all our products.
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