The cooperation with customers has made Sicit a reference point firstly within the sector of universal joint crosses and then for the entire cardan transmission, thus enabling production methods to be refined and certification methods to be adopted in accordance with the most advanced standards, while paying the utmost attention to customer satisfaction.
All Sicit products are subjected to strictly controlled and documented manufacturing processes. Upon request, we can provide full PPAP documentation.

Our long-standing cooperation with our suppliers (all of whom are certified) has created the synergy for the improvement of our product and a continuous exchange of information on the development of new technologies.

The achievement of the zero defects target is guaranteed and maintained through an organizational model that encourages and motivates all those who work for Sicit towards a constant improvement in quality and the attention to supplies without non-compliances.

Sicit also pays the utmost attention to service and its continuous improvement: our warehouse is constantly monitored, in order to respond promptly to emergencies. Moreover, our response and delivery times are always as fast as possible. We follow the deliveries step by step, because we want to minimize those delays that could cost time – and therefore money – to our customers. 


The instruments listed below are essential for checking the tolerances of the components that will form the entire cardan shaft. Assembly and balancing of the components will follow: this applies if, instead of being required loose, components are sold assembled in the entire drive shaft.

Alternatively, the available components will be: crosses, flanges, center bearings, yokes and sliding elements that will then be replaced or assembled by the customer.

  • Coordinate-measuring machine
  • Altimeter
  • Microdurometer
  • Hardness tester
  • Roughness tester
  • Roundness tester
  • Optical comparator
  • Balancer


Sicit has introduced process control based on a dedicated software, which interfaces with the management software and makes it possible – by means of a bar code generated by the detection stations of the production phases – to continuously follow the processing cycle of each product from the raw material to the packaging and then storage in the warehouse. This allows not only quantitative but also qualitative control of the production as the quality control module is also integrated.

This process guarantees maximum traceability in accordance with ISO standards.