The market demands an ever-increasing level of quality and Sicit knows how to respond promptly, so much so that we work with prestigious customers such as AGCO, DANA-GRAZIANO, GKN, IVECO, NAF, SKF, as an OEM (original equipment) supplier.

Today Sicit is one of the world’s most qualified partners for spare parts and service companies, both for automotive and industrial applications (crosses, flanges, yokes and sliding elements), as well as complete cardan shafts.

Over time, production initially focused on universal joint crosses for the automotive industry and then expanded to industrial applications.

More recently, applications of the entire cardan transmission have been developed for both automotive and industrial sectors.
Nowadays Sicit is one of the world’s most qualified partners for manufacturers of industrial vehicles and for large distributors of spare parts in both automotive and industrial applications.

The expansion of the product range has been possible thanks to the experience gained in the international field and the increased technical expertise, thereby extending the applications to industrial sectors such as papermaking, shipbuilding, iron and steel, railways, energy-wind, earthmoving, mining, etc..

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Manualistica Cardanworks:
Sicit U.J. quality

Universal joint crosses for automobiles, commercial vehicles, industrial vehicles

These products are intended for spare parts dealers and repair shops.

Universal joint crosses for industrial applications

This product has been developed by Sicit for the world of industrial applications of the universal joint, in particular for cardan shaft repairers on industrial applications such as: steel plants (rolling mills), railways, shipbuilding, paper mills, earthmoving, drilling, agriculture, wind energy, etc…

Differential cross joints for differential units (OEM)

Crosses that are fitted in the differentials applied on both cars and other vehicles for diversified applications.
This is an original equipment product for which Sicit has a long tradition.

Roller bearings

This product is part of Sicit’s history and evolution: not all types of bearings, especially those associated with Anglo-Saxon standards, were available on the European market. Therefore Sicit started to produce these bearings independently, acquiring vast experience in this kind of field, which the company has maintained over time and then extended to more conventional sizes. Sicit thus began to produce an alternative line to that of market leaders. This line is mounted on the cross units and offered at competitive prices.

Centre bearings

These products are complementary to the cardan transmission and Sicit has recently included them in its range.

Cardan shafts and their components for automotive and industrial applications

This new product line is part of Sicit’s CARDANWORKS division, which was set up specifically to manage the new product.

Specifically, this concerns all the components that make up the transmission shaft, i.e. the traditional cross, but in particular flanges, yokes, tubes, sliding elements and, if necessary, the centre bearings already mentioned.

Our catalogue does not include certain industrial applications for the paper industry, the iron and steel industry (rolling mills), mining and exploration, earthmoving, shipbuilding, etc., because the shafts are often customised. However, Sicit can supply components or complete transmissions compatible with the GWB series for heavy duty applications, i.e. the 190…; 390…; 392…; 587…; 687 …. series as well as the Voith series from 208…. to 390…

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