Sicit’s approach to customer-care consists in responding to customers’ needs by meeting their specific requirements in terms of quality.

Thanks to the new laser marking system, Sicit is able to satisfy customers who require product customisation.

Our processes include:

  • acquisition of customer specifications
  • custom design or co-design, if required 
  • production process, controlled and verified in a systematic way with dedicated control plans
  • production monitoring through barcodes and dedicated systems to optimise product traceability
  • delivery service, punctual and efficient 
  • constant analysis and improvement of performance

For all requirements of new products or products customised to customer specifications we can count on our technicians’ promptness and maximum efficiency.


Layout & Design
Operating, service & safety
Sicit U.J. quality

Service and repair

Naturally, the life of any technical product is limited.
Fortunately, the breakage of a cardan shaft does not always result in total replacement. In about 3/4 of all cardan shaft failures, only part of its components may be damaged.
Whether it is normal wear and tear or excessive overloading, the failure of a cardan shaft at the wrong time can lead to considerable associated costs.
A preventive action can therefore save investments and money. The cardan shaft deserves a “second life” – and users can certainly benefit from it!

CARDANWORKS can offer you all this!