Sicit makes the world move

… and does so through its variety of products.

A CARDANWORKS shaft is as unique as its application.
No cardan shaft is the same as another. There exist cardan shafts for the construction of vehicles, paper machines, test benches, pumps, rolling mills, etc. and this list could be endless.

Some cardan shafts are designed for the most severe loads and some with the highest precision such as those that move aircraft flaps. In some cases only a low temperature version can be used, while other applications require a high temperature design.

There are no standard solutions for this infinite variety of products. Therefore CARDANWORKS shafts and components can be selected and designed also upon request, taking into account all technical and economic aspects.

This catalogue provides a basic overview of the CARDANWORKS product range.

Further information and data for all variations, special projects and additional equipment can be provided on request.

Our cardan shafts and their components are ideal for a wide range of applications:

  • Uncoupled yoke design for extreme operating conditions;
  • Lube for life versions for low TCO;
  • Maximum life capacity of crosses;
  • FEM optimised geometry;
  • Specific materials and treatments;
  • Perfectly machined and coupled components;
  • Customized components for specific applications;
  • High capacity sliding elements;
  • Maximum resistance and minimum distortion under load

The range of industrial components has been completed in order to enable Sicit to work with the best companies operating in the repair and maintenance of:

  • steel plants (rolling mills)
  • railways
  • marine – naval applications
  • paper mills
  • quarries and mines
  • drilling activities
  • public works
  • agriculture and green energy (wind power)